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I Love (my) Boobs!

(This post is stuck at the top during the month of October. If you wish to read my newer posts, scroll down!)

In celebration of boobs and awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, luna’s Journey will be posting images of boobs in October. I encourage everyone to participate! The boobs you share must belong to you or someone you know. They can be covered or completely naked; just share your love for your (or your partners) boobs! Be artistic, be flirty, be sexy, be outright kinky… it’s your choice.

When you’ve decided to participate just leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog post letting the world know that you Love Your Boobs! Grab the badge below to show your support for Breast Cancer Research. That’s not it, for every picture posted during the month of October, I will be making a $0.25 donation to a Breast Cancer Research Charity. I have several listed in the right sidebar. This is for charity people so get those boobs posted and post them often!

My record keeping (and subsequent donations) is dependent on you posting your link to your blog post here every single time you put up a picture of your boobs. If you forget to post one, then I can’t donate the money! You can do it, let’s see those tits!



As I sit watching the rain fall,
I know that everything will be alright.
As I sit watching the rain fall,
I wonder what the world will be doing tonight.
A cat is meowing up through the rain,
Crying for a warm place to stay.
As I sit watching the rain fall,
All my fears melt away
A flower reaches up from the soil,
Gulping and savoring the fresh water.
As I sit watching the rain fall,
I know everything will be alright.

Counting Strokes

Bonnie asks these questions during her Spanko Brunch this week:

Have you and/or your partner counted strokes during a spanking? If so, did it enhance the experience? To what extent is counting a regular part of your repertoire? If you haven’t counted before, would you consider doing so? Why or why not?

I have counted strokes before. That tactic is actually employed more during punishment than any other time during play because it’s hard for me to float away and absorb the pain as pleasure if I have to concentrate on the number. In punishment though it makes the strokes more mentally painful too as I have to count each one, knowing that I have done something to displease my Master. “Hitting it home,” so to speak.

Hopefully Master won’t consider counting as part of the regular play repertoire as it’s just jarring to me rather than a good feeling. I’d actually consider saying anything other than counting. Even if it was a thank you each time or a yes, Master. I just think it’s the mental act of counting that is a turn off for me.



Silence is when everything pauses in time.
People enjoy the peace of mind.
When things run at a steady pace,
Nothing is left out from the race.
The silence is broken with a cry of happiness or pain.
It symbolizes that silence is not everlasting.
Silence is that stunned moment when
Everything stops to listen for the cry.
People can get in silence,
Sometimes it ruins their life.
Most people say it is a treat.
I say that silence should be saved for the sad times.
Times to think things out and discover that it’s not all as bad as you thought.
Silence is a wonderful thing to place between the noisy, happy times.

No Luck

We aren’t getting the apartment. The contract client for Master ditched him without paying the rest of the bill. That was the moving money so we are stuck here. We are both crushed. We can’t afford representation to send this guy threatening legal letters to get him to pay up. I don’t know what to do and Master has just decided to move on.


I’m depressed.



Like an ugly duckling
I wished my whole life
Wandering through time
Then someone showed me
That life wasn’t so bad
I could smile through all my
That person showed me that
My true self was inside
There lay dormant for so long
A swan
Now stretching her wings to fly
Everyday I thank this person
For bringing out the beauty inside
And ignoring the outer self
For had this person never shown
they cared
I would soon have been an empty shell

Share a Video

Snagged this from Thoughts from a masochist submissive. It’s interesting what gets on TV these days. What do you think of how it portrays proDomme services and the lifestyle?

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