July 2006

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luna wishes you all a wonderful day and blessed sleep. I thank you all for following me as I raised money for a cause that’s near and dear to me. The Institute for 21st Century Relationships will continue to bring awareness and education to the public about alternative loving consensual relationships because of your help. Whether through sponsorships, pimping me on your own blog, or cheering me on here, it has all helped and may one day, bring about acceptance and change. Thank you so much.

Total raised at the end of the 24 HR Blogathon: $474.50

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Many Thanks

I would love to thank each and every one of my sponsors individually, but lack of wakefullness hinders that right now. This is my big hug of thanks for supporting me and giving me something worth blogging for; a cause and a pull. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


PS: If you would like to still sponsor, Blogathon.org leaves sponsorship open for 2 days after the event to allow post sponsors. It’s not too late! Just click the pledge now link on the left.

Leather and Roses is one of my favorite BDSM resource sites. I have never seen so many essays all in one place! If you are curious or a seasoned BDSM er, you should check it out. You won’t be sorry.


Almost there

I’m feeling fatigue set in. It’s harder and harder to write proper posts. I feel good about the information that I have provided today. I hope that it has opened some minds. Just a bit more and this year’s Blogathon is over.


What BDSM type are you?

Submissive — The one with the real power in the play, you like to get down on all fours or get tied ’till you turn purple, but you won’t hesitate to use the safe word if things start to get out of hand. Pretend all you want, you’re the master here.
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What, in your eyes, makes a person submissive?

A submissive is a man or woman that for whatever reason chooses to follow the directions, adjust to behavior modifications and submit to the power of another. These things can include but are not limited to sexual submission, domestic service, platonic recession of power, work environment with a power exchange, limiting the control to one or select few, or voluntary slavery and servitude. Every submissive has chosen to be one or more of these things.

Sexual submission is the most commonly talked about on message boards, munch discussions, IRC-Chat, and between people everywhere. One can be a sexual submissive and not be in the D/s lifestyle. Whenever the control of sexual activities is given over to the other you are submitting yourself to the power of another. Within the BDSM context that could also include scenes, play, bondage, whipping or various other activities. Sexual submission is a big fantasy amidst vanilla men and some women.

In our patriachal society submission is most emphasized as a woman’s trait, and was bred into them for many many centuries until feminism was able to grab ahold of the modern public. This form of submission is rooted in domestic service and platonic submission. Women were to be seen and not heard, keep the hearth warm and the house clean and always aide in the success and wellbeing of her HOH (head of household) husband. In D/s domestic service is polished and ritualized or relaxed and commonplace. It can be a part of the agreement that relationships carry, or it can be the common sense activites that go on to care for house and home. Platonic submission is the deferment of control to anyone outside the relationship and includes common respect and courtesy given in public situations, kindness to strangers and polite attitudes towards others. Most of the time these are enhanced in a D/s dynamic to be primarily a submissive trait.

Within the work environment, people that choose to be submissive commonly choose jobs where they follow rather than lead and is iconized in the CEO / secretary position. Not all submissives choose submissive work environments, but those that do not know the are submissive may select these as they feel most comfortable under the control of another. The workplace submissive is just another revelation of the prefemenist movements of putting a woman below a man in social situations.

A submissive can choose who they will submit to. This is most commonly accorded to negotiations, personal preferences and desires. A submissive establishes limits and lines that the Dominant / Dominants can not cross. With the trust established between the dynamic partners a submissive can then submit to this person or people for which the “contract” was placed. There are no submissives that elect to submit carelessly without regard for his or her own safety. So-called submissives that submit without this protection of self are dangerous and do not deserve the title of submissive.

Voluntary slavery and servitude is the most extreme of submission. This is where the submissive has choosen to become property, without limits, rules or hinderances against the Dominant. Free will is practically defered to the Dominant in these situations. You can not be a slave without a Master. One can not submit in these situations without anyone to submit to. Also, all slaves are submissive, however not all submissives are or can be slaves. Progression to slave status is slow yet rewarding and not everyone can reach this point. Complete desire of a slave is to feed and nurture the desires and whims of the Dominant.

What I like best about my life is that I am so loved and cared for by a wonderful man. My Dominant partner moved from the UK to be with me forever and I couldn’t be happier. He changed his life for little ol’ me! Watching him adapt to life in the US has been interesting; from calling pants trousers and underpants pants I just had to chuckle till I got used to it. I’ve seen him go through what I call UK withdrawls where he just misses home badly but he says he’s so in love with me and would never leave me. Now that’s commitment.

I never thought I’d be so happy. I never thought that my life would be so full of love. He is my life and my world.


Getting Tired

Yes, I’m getting so very tired. I feel out of energy, out of original thoughts and out of topics. I’m not sure what else to write about for the remaining time…. maybe I should search for fun faqs or something….


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