From Kindlings: What pet names does your owner have for you and do you respond differently to different forms of address?

Master has a variety of pet names for me. They help me distinguish his mood on most occasions. On the same hand, I have a few lovely names for Master as well. I do have to say my favorite is Master, but it isn’t always appropriate. Learning when a nick name is appropriate is still a challenge for me.

Master’s pet names for me in order of my favorites are:

  1. Slut – He uses this when we are being so nasty and hyper sexual. It drives me wild to know that I am his little slut and it will put me in a mindset on most occasions to do just about anything to satisfy his desires.
  2. Baby – When he calls me baby he’s in a very cuddly mood and I love it when he is affectionate. He blows kisses to me alot and licks his lips provocatively when he’s in this mood. He knows that when he calls me baby I will smile, and it never fails. ;)
  3. His girl – This one has to be the one that makes my knees week. It is so possessive and strong. He calls me his girl when he wants to remind me of his control over me. He also uses this term most often when he is around other Dominants.
  4. Jennifer – This name, my real name (take note), gets used when he is upset with me, I’m being naughty, or he needs to drive home a point. I actually cringe when he resorts to this instead of calling me hon, love, sweetie, baby or any other name.

My names for Master are limited. Master is most common, but I call him baby, hon, and sexy on occasion. John is for around other people, but I try hard to make it sound sincere and loving, just as my other names for him. Master fits, Master works and I love calling him that.