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Happy New Year

New year is hours away and I have yet to draw up any resolutions other than diet and health wise. I’m not sure I want to set resolutions. I know I want to be a better person and continue to grow and mature as Master’s submissive. I want to graduate college with anything over a 3.0 GPA and I want a good job that will contribute to what we earn in a decent measure.

Tonight Master and I are going to do what we’ve done all day… watch a Law and Order:CI marathon, and tomorrow is Mythbusters marathon :) . Sounds boring but perfect for us.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and best wishes for coming happiness.



It’s late, and I completely forgot that I needed to write in here tonight. I’d rather be in bed cuddling with Master (a rare occurrence) than sitting here trying to think of what to say….

I’ve been busy with a few things for the Iron Gate. I’d like to get more content and draw more people to the site as a resource. My only option is to write it myself. So, I’ve engaged in a lot of research and reading of other websites so that I can have an educated knowledge to write my own. I’m not releasing the new information until the entire plans are done and I’m ready.

I’ve also begun work with the media company telecommuting as a representative. I’ve worked hard for them and hope to earn my keep. Today Master noticed I seem very tired. It’s been at least 2 years since I had more than a 15 hour a week job and I promised this guy 30 a week on top of classes. What am I in for? I’ll be dead by May.

My diet is at a standstill until I can get to campus and weigh so that I know if I’ve lost any during break. I’ve joined an Easter challenge with diettalk.com to loose 16 lbs by Easter, now 15 weeks away. I’m sure I can get close enough to that goal to make me happy. I’ve done well otherwise. We’ll see.

I can’t wait till I have a better desk chair. This hard backed wood chair is terrible to sit in for more than an hour or two at a time. I can’t wait till I have a better chair. When school starts again that is top on my list.



I was beginning to wonder if Master and I would ever play again. It has been at least 2 months since I’ve felt rope binding my wrists or the stinging ache of a spanking. Last night Master asked me if I would like to have some light play. I couldn’t wait. Now, I “owed” him some anal sex, so I knew that would be on the plan. He wanted to do some bondage. I thought this was going to be an interesting mix.

I spent an hour in the bathroom getting ready and relaxing while Master got the bedroom ready (wish we had another room for play). When I came out of the bath, I had a few more minutes to prepare mentally before Master came out and asked me if I was ready. I was.

It started simply enough. I stood before Master as he attached rope cuffs to my wrists and thighs. I was very curious what he had planned. He ordered me on the bed, on all fours and I complied. My body started to relax into what he was going to do. He fastened my wrists to the headboard; I was practically locked in place then.

Master has always said his favorite toy is my pussy and I know he’d play with it all the time if he could. He began rubbing my clit and I felt all warm. He had applied that warming oil by KY (if you haven’t tried it…. I strongly suggest it). The oil almost instantly makes my clit throb and the heat causes my body to just turn on.

In goes the glass dildo. Yikes, that thing is cold right at first, and I complained. He replies back that nothing warms it better than my pussy. “Yeah I bet,” I think. I shivered a bit and squirmed while I felt a rope wrap over my ass and around. He had tied ropes to the loop at the end of the dildo. I was to be tied in place by my own dildo. Never had that before but I was really enjoying it.

I was tied in place, hands to the headboard, pussy filled and aching and Master preparing my ass for his cock. I’m still uncomfortable with anal play. It’s an emotional block, not a physical one as you will understand shortly. He coached me to relax and I have to admit it does feel very good. He rubbed a spot inside and I could feel the dildo in my pussy. Mmmm, that was great. When he finally entered me my body tensed as I knew it would and I kept telling my body to relax and finally after more coaxing from Master it did.

My goodness anal sex feels good. My pussy was feeling full and teased by the dildo, my clit warm and tingling from the oil and my Master using me as a whore and slut. There is such a mental trip involved. I felt so good as he used me. And then something began to build that I have only experienced once before. I was going to come. It’s an unusual feeling and it has nothing to do with my pussy but I knew it was urgent and I begged Master, told him I didn’t know if I could hold this kind at all and he allowed me to come and it was a wonderful feeling. Deep inside and tingly, hard to explain really. I can explain the others, but this kind is just…. Hmmm.

Master continued using me until he reached his release and it felt so good. I love it when Master uses me.

Relax and clean up and back in the bedroom, my clit was feeling neglected and very achy. I wanted to come again but I didn’t know if I should ask. Well, I told Master of my current situation and he smiled. Yes this Man loves to play with my pussy, did I tell you?

He brought me to two orgasms with his fingers before I was ordered to bed for his cock. I wanted him badly so it wasn’t a problem. Master fucked and teased me. It felt really good, god when Master uses me like that right after an orgasm I just become carnal and it drives me to a deeper level of submission; one that the after effect Master really likes. I’m so pliable mentally.

We collapsed spent yet again and laid there, cuddling (my favorite part) for what seemed like a long time and then decided to finally get up and find water and recovery.

All in all a beautiful night, and I am glad I got to share it with you.


Merry Christmas!


Snowy Mind

I’ve been pretty cloudy today. I guess that is how I’d explain it. Master says I’ve been grumpy, testy and everything else. I’m not sure why. I have so much to do and things to keep me busy. Maybe I’m just so serious today. God I don’t know. I just want to go to bed and not get up until tomorrow.

Writing is great therapy, but I’ve noticed that when I’m out of it like this, it’s hard to type. I’m making a lot of mistakes and having to redo typing. It’s driving me nuts right now. I wish I were of clear mind.

Hopefully the holiday will cheer me up.


What is Christmas like for those that are sharing it with their partners only? I’ve only once spent a Christmas away from family and friends and it was miserable. Of course I was alone then. Are Christmas’ more romantic and quiet when there is just the two of you? I’m going to find out this year. Master and I will be at home, with the kitties, doing goodness knows. I am making a Turkey and all the trimmings, Apple Crisp for dessert. I’m really looking forward to the Turkey. mmmmm

I had someone talk to me on an IM recently. They asked me what makes my relationship different with Master than any other relationship to the public’s eye. For a moment there, I just said nothing. I didn’t think there were things that were visible to the public that said we were doing things a bit different. I asked Master. He started a decent list of things off the top of his head. This is a mock list as if he were giving it, although the conversation we had was more in depth, “You order my food at restaurants, keep yourself shaved, you wear a collar all the time, makeup when going out. You are working on your manners and polite behavior and occasionally a person catches you calling me, Master.” I never thought that people could tell from the outside that we were a little different. I know we are very affectionate, and Master likes to spank and grab parts of me more often than I’ve known or seen anyone else do it. So, U guess it’s the things I’ve gotten used to that make us different. I’m sure there are many more things if I just took the time to think about it.

I have a few new blogs on the left in my favorites section. I’d encourage you to take a look and get to know a few people you might not know. There is Journey Under His Dominion, a blog I started reading only a week ago myself but the archives look quite interesting to browse. Next is Kaylas’s Days. This is Kayla Kuffs. She writes for publications and has quite a few excellent essays all over the internet. She has also graciously allowed me to post a few essays on Sensual Service. Then there is slave, a brand new, restarted blog where I just participated and won my first blog party. Quite interesting and the reason I have some of these new blogs in my list. Lastly is sweet surrender. I’ve only followed her for a few days, but so far I love the content she shares with readers. So folks take a look, they are excellent reads and promise to be on my favorites list for quite some time.


Glad Tidings

Great morning to everyone! I woke, turned on the Christmas music and feel overall bright and cheery today. I sure hope it continues. I’ll be making Christmas cookies today and making sure every room is clean so that I don’t have to push myself nearer to Christmas. Master and I are staying home and no one is visiting, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a beautiful day together. Just 6 short days away.

I hope that all my friends here in blogland have a wonderful Christmas. Don’t let the stress get to you, keep the goal in sight, have a happy joyous day with the family and friends around you.

I’ve been doing great on my diet. I still have my bad days and good days. Here’s an update if you haven’t been checking my diet blog.

Start Now Change
Weight: 342 325 lbs -17
Neck: – 16″
L Arm: – 17″
R Arm: – 17″
Bust: – 54″
Underbust: 49 48″ -1
Waist: 54 52″ -2
Hips: 64 60″ -4
L Thigh: 28.5 28″ -0.5
R Thigh: 28.5 28″ -0.5

Yay me!


Working on Websites

There are new essays on Sensual Service. I have also sent out a few requests from people to see if I can post a few more. If you have essays that would fit into what Sensual Service is about, please please think about sharing them with me and the rest of the WWW.

Master, I think, had a wonderful birthday. He thanked me twice yesterday for making it so special. I can only hope that I can brighten every holiday as best I can. I can’t wait for Christmas, I have a huge feast planned and I refuse to diet that day! Yummy!

I’ve been working on another website for myself. It’s a vanilla site for spanish poetry. I doubt it will be ready for the world for years, it’s got a long road of research and study ahead for me. Wish me luck!

Can you believe there is only 7 more days till Christmas? I sure feel like it has just surprised me this year, not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m not waiting day by day to get the next paycheck?


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