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Happy New Year!

I hope all New Year’s Resolutions turn out to change your lives for the better and that laughter and joy follow you into the New Year.

A Request for Space

Well, I knew it was coming. Master and I have spent the past 2 weeks together nonstop without a break from each other. No one can really do that without reaching ropes end and grating on each other’s nerves. Last night Master asked me to take some time out and go somewhere today so that we can recharge our batteries. I am currently working on where to go exactly as money is a major factor. The factor being we don’t have any. I could aways go to the library or sit in the mall for a spell. I’m sure it will do me some good to get away for awhile also.

I have begun reading, for the second time, Wuthering Heights. Now I remember why I never finished it the first time. It’s a gloomy book. I hope it cheers up a bit of I am going to dread starting it. Oh well, all for the betterment of my mind. I am hoping I have time when classes start to keep up with my reading, as I find it refreshing and my own little quiet time in itself.

Yesterday Master sat down with the knots book we borrowed from the local group’s library and learned a few basic knots and hitches. Then we went off to the bedroom to practice them. I can tell you it was a lot more fun than hearing him say, “Now how am I going to tie this so it works.” I am sure he felt good about himself as well, and he took a picture of it just because. I am glad that he took the time to look over the knots. I know he wants to make me happy, but I felt that learning a couple knots would make him happy as well.

For a few days now, Master has been wanting to do some impact play. I can see it in his eyes. I haven’t felt like bearing pain for awhile, and I’m not sure why exactly except that it requires a large amount of mental strength, of which I do not have right now. I’m sure after I recharge my batteries so to speak, I will feel more myself.

I’ve been the opposite of submissive lately and getting into arguments with Master over the silliest things. I’m in full rebel mode, and then I feel horrible. I’m not sure what is wrong with me. Maybe part of it is the fact that in one week I will be dieting and I’m really nervous about how it will all work. I remember last time I dieted I was so hungry and miserable that I just quit. I hope I can get over that this time and Master will be my rock.

I have begun looking for a job for me, and Master again, as the new year approaches we really need to get out there as often as possible and try to get hired. I need to work around 20 hours a week, and Master wants a full time job. Anything will work, everything will be considered, now we just have to find it.

I have all these new pictures of my cousins and my godson and no frames to put them in. I will have to change that. I’m sure I have some old frames from my past marriage that I can scavenge and find frames for. I really want professional pictures done of Master and I after the semester starts. I’m sure Walmart is cheap. It’s not like I need a lot of them, just some to send to family and then ones for around the house.

I’ve looked at someone’s website today that really got me irked. When did I become so picky over what websites look like? Mine isn’t that awesome that I have any room to say anything, but goodness. Midi music sucks, and to not be able to shut it off is even worse. There was so much flash on that page that it took forever to load, and then I realized the entire site was flash, yuck. Oh, and then there are the ones where every page is different. Not 6 mo ago I would have thought it was cool (and just like my page) but now I think it’s tacky.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for improving my page, and soon enough it will be frequented by surfers and hopefully they will impart some knowledge from it. I want to create a submissions page, where others out there can submit their works, essays and the like to join my page. I guess a dream would be to have this as a hub site, not near as confusing as castlerealm but with decent information, varying opinions, all sorts of topics and somehow an index of it all so that it’s easy to find. Of course if there are any suggestions from those that read my journal, let me know.

OH, those of you that write journals, there is a way cool place to go if you are stuck and don’t know what to write about, or want a bit of inspiration. It’s called Kindlings: http://www.inhischains.com/kindlings/ and every week the author posts new topics and quotes to help you think. I love it. I think I will add it to my links to Submissive Blogs I follow so that everyone can take a look.


A question to answer: Do you journal for yourself, or is it something your owner expects? Does your owner read your journal? Do you write with your owner in mind as an audience?

I write. I write a lot when I do write. Something inside of me that pulls me to putting my thoughts down in words. I love to write poetry when the mood strikes me. I find my thoughts flow better when I put them down than when I am talking. Sometimes I think it would be so much better for my relationship if I just wrote everything down. It sure would help me from speaking without thinking and getting into trouble. Like last night…

I said things to Master that shouldn’t have been said, that really didn’t have any basis for real life in them. I told him that if we weren’t matched that maybe he should just leave. I didn’t mean it. I wanted to express my frustration and I did the first thing that came out of my mouth. It was all cruel and I don’t know if there was anything more evil I could have said. I can’t say I was thinking when I said it because I was instantly full of guilt. I can only hope that Master will forgive and forget sometime soon.

Master reads my diary every time I post something. I have it directly emailed to his account so that he can’t miss a post. It is a requirement that I write in it, as part of my growth. I felt that when I wasn’t writing in it that I was missing something helpful and nurturing. When I write I find myself feeling more connected to myself as a submissive, at finding my heart beating in my Master’s hand and with that I can be more what he wants, I can gear my life to his and I can find my faults, ponder them, and then work them through.

I write my blog as my Master as the main audience, but I like to know that others out there are reading and hopefully learning from my mistakes, my travels and my thoughts. I don’t think I’d write online if I didn’t think that others wouldn’t learn from what I am going through. I’m not original, I’m not normal, predictable or common, but I can say that my life can be mundane, my thoughts normal and tiny and my hopes and dreams the same as any person out there.

I am constantly looking for more resources, I read so much and try to take from it what I can and learn from what I don’t understand. I have a large selection of websites I like to peruse and there are endless essays and newslists I’m on. I don’t know if I can really learn all there is to it, because just my reading isn’t enough, Master has to read and know what I’m reading too. I guess I could incorporate that into my journal at some point. I used to think about what I read and write a response to it. It might help me personally and I can put it on my to do list for later on down the road, when I know I can make the time for it.

I have figured that I am going to do the Food Mover diet from Richard Simmons after the new year. I hope to get it going really well, no matter how miserable I will feel at the beginning as my body adjusts to more activity and less calories. I hope that I can earn the rewards I have set and not have to feel too many of the punishments I have set up. Master has said he will be my motivation and will probably do the exercise with me (ie. videos). We shall see how I do.

I have to just dig in my heels and commit myself. I will do it. No going back.


Well, I do have to say that the holidays were thankfully swift in passing. I was worried that my time with my dad would be difficult. I did have a bout of panic, but then I was okay. I am glad that Master was there with me to keep my composure.

I got a lot of nice presents, the big thing being a bunch of novels, all classics that I can’t wait to get into. I don’t know which one to read first, but I am sure that when I have time I can get to all of them. I finished the Kushiel’s Dart series while there and will have to get a copy of my own when I can. I thought they were excellent and portrayed a different idea of SM than I have ever read. It was fantastical and awesome.

I came home to find my old hamster had died while I was away. I will miss him, and I feel sad to not have him around anymore, but he was old. Lord Byron will forever be remembered though. He was one of a kind.

I feel sad for Master. He didn’t get anything from his family. No cards, no phone calls, no emails. It’s like he has just dropped away and they don’t acknowledge him. I don’t know what to do to help him at all with this. It has to be hard. I don’t remeber my first holiday away very well, but I know I was miserable. I just hope I can keep his mind on other things.

I have my diet to plan now that New Year is coming. I don’t know all that I am going to do, but I do have to start a punishment reward system and work on what kind of excersizes I am going to do. Master will help me plan this I’m sure. Then we just have to impliment a healthy eating plan. Well, I really hope it all works out in the end. I don’t want to be fat anymore.


Merry Christmas!

I am on my snowy way to my father’s for Christmas today. I hope all goes well and I can find happiness this season. Tomorrow my sister gets married and I am so excited for her. I have been busy packing since last night and have just a bit more before we are under way.

Master on the other hand is still sleeping, and will be for awhile, as he doesn’t have a lot to do before we leave. I am trying to leave him alone and not ask him questions, but it only works for short periods of time.

We have packed a toybag, in case the feeling strikes us. I hope dad doesn’t catch us… *lol* I’m hoping we can play a little while there, I’m always in the mood to see that look on Master’s face.

I woke up with the headache I went to sleep with last night. I hope it goes away soon, the drive isn’t going to help me much. Ahhh, winter travel, how I missed it (NOT).

Merry Christmas!


Day before travel

Tomorrow we leave for my hometown to stay with my father for the holidays. I can say now that I am very nervous and slightly uncomfortable with the time I will be spending with him. My childhood around him was not good, and after only a few hours in his presence I get all those memories flooding back. I hope Master will be able to recognize when I need a break and with that, something to do or somewhere to go.

I am getting very excited for my sister’s wedding on Wednesday. I hope she has ideas for how she wants her hair done, as well as the maid of honor’s hair. I haven’t styled hair for quite some time, but I’m sure I can do something nice with it. I have to be there early in the morning, which is no big deal for me, but it will be a long day, and nights always make me tired faster. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to wear that day, as it will be very cold. I was thinking that black slacks would be just fine. I hope the wind dies a bit, or styling hair won’t be a problem, it will be keeping it that way.

It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas without any presents to exchange between Master and I. I hate that we are so poor that we couldn’t afford to do that this year. I certainly hope next year is better on many different fronts. I want to be done with school soon as well, so badly. Part of me is terrified that I will not know what to do with my life after school, I worked my ass off before attending, and I am not really looking forward to that again.

My dream for a home based business is still on the back burner as my first and foremost hope is to find Master a job. I can tell he is walking around the house with a need to do something. I wish I could help him with that. The holidays are always a hard time to job hunt as well. He knows that. I hope luck will help us in the coming year.

I don’t really know what else to do with my website, although I would love to start writing my own essays on things, make it more personal. Perhaps free time will smile on me and I will do so. I also would like to keep going on my Luna Series of stories. I enjoyed writing them. I have joined a few webrings to see if my page will get more visitors. I’m not sure if input is forthcoming, but I would like to think that those visiting would comment on what they’d like to see here.


Waiting on a call

My father should have arrived in the state on Friday. Master and I are supposed to stay with him this week for Christmas. He has yet to call me to tell me where that will be. I don’t know where he is and that makes me annoyed. I hope he will call me today to let me know, or my tension will just get higher. I don’t know why it has taken him 2 days to call me in the first place. I don’t know how he expects us to stay with him if we can’t find him.

Master has been really down since his birthday. His mother has yet to email him or send him a card. I hate to think that she forgot, mothers really don’t forget things like that. I wish there was a way to cheer him up. The idea of spending Christmas with all my family isn’t helping matters either. He is really tense and nervous, of that I’m sure.

I have been reading a series of books lately by Jacquiline Carey. Kushiel’s Dart series. I love it. It’s about an anguisette (masochist touched by the gods) and her life. I will certainly have to thank azriel for lending them to me. It is a blessing to not have to think a lot during my holiday / semester break.

I hope I can get through all the activities this week as well. I’m pretty nervous at seeing family I’ve not seen for a long while. It always puts me on edge. I don’t want Master to have to help keep me strong and himself as well. It just wouldn’t be fair.


Master's Birthday

Yesterday was a great day for Master’s birthday. I woke early and bathed and prepared myself for Master before he got up. It was such a wonderful smile that greeted me when I woke him. I didn’t really know what I wanted to happen or what to do that day, so I let it govern itself. I gave Master the present I had purchased; a new robe. He loved it and put it on straight away. Then I told him of the other surprise.

Master has wanted a tattoo since just after arriving here to be with me, and I had saved so that we could at least go find out how much it cost. Lucky for us, it was not expensive and he has a fresh tattoo on his left shoulder to show the world the BDSM emblem. I know he likes it a lot, and I smile each time I catch a glimpse of it.

I made a dish for dinner that Master had been missing since leaving the UK, chicken curry. He ate it happily and that made me feel good. The cake turned out good as well. Honestly I am surprised that he enjoyed the meal so much. I hope I can please him like that with other cooking abilities.

Last night we played and it was more spiritual to me than physical. My heart was there for him and he teased me and gave me the pleasant pain that I love. I got his touch, his love and his devotion and I gave him my submission to him. Every nerve stood on end as he touched me, worshiping him. I feel so good today now, like I could walk on water.

There are so many plans to accomplish before we leave on Tuesday for Christmas vacation, and I have started a small list so that we can get most of them done this weekend. I hate putting things off to the last minute so I will be trying to get as many of them done today as possible. I’m getting excited for my sister’s wedding, that will happen on Wednesday. I’m sure she will look beautiful in the gown I gave her. I hope I can fullfill her idea of what she wants her hair to look like as well, for she has asked me to do that for her.

The new year brings new changes in my life. A diet and excersize program to start, a more active role in the local BDSM communities, a part time job and devoted time to flogger-making so that one day I can have a small business. So much to do, I need to prepare myself for all the changes. I will be starting a reward system for the diet, writing up a new resume for the job hunt, and working to get supplies to make floggers. I will look to Master for all the strength and motivation I can get.


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