New Prices, New Doctors

The fact that I’ve been away for awhile has nothing to do with the inactivity of my life. No, not at all. Hah.

I always thought that the cost of food at our house was on the high side, but after looking at the USDA Food Plans it appears we are more of a moderate range. We spend about $150 a week on food for the 2 of us. Apparently we could be spending a lot more. But hell, I’d like to be spending under $125 a week so I think I’ll work on that. It shouldn’t be too hard to get there, I hope. Today, as is every Wednesday, is grocery day. I spent right at $150.

I’ll have to really figure out how to cut down the food budget without decreasing the quality of our food. Master likes the good stuff and my special diet foods are hard to get cheap. Maybe some new recipes will be in order. I’ve revived my price book so I can get the better deals and know when I have the better deals.

Next week I have an appointment with a new doctor. I went with an internal medicine MD instead of a family doctor. We’ll see if I feel more respected by the doctor and that they will have the right answers for my issues. It’s time for my thyroid test to make sure it’s behaving. I hate finding new doctors. I’m taking naps every single day in order to function after 4pm and that’s getting annoying! I’m also getting a skin tab removed hopefully. It’s right at my bra strap level on my back so it gets pinched often.  Yeah, I’m sure you all wanted to know that!

Went to a munch yesterday. I’m really hoping that I can make some friends here in the community so that I can stop feeling so isolated. Mingling didn’t really happen till like 30 mins before everyone left though to it was hard to gauge if I made any new acquaintances. One person did contact me for a friend request on FetLife today though so that’s at least one more person I can get to know.

I finished reading the Game of Thrones series. Now I’m just like the rest of the fans that can’t wait for him to publish another book and hopefully he does it before he dies.


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Not Dead Yet

I’m just here to say I’m not gone. I’ve been busy with life and enjoying time with Master. It’s been peaceful since Christmas and work has been good. I set the same goals and hope that this year will be the year I achieve them. We’ll see. I’ve not given up yet!

I’ve flown through all 6 Game of Thrones Series in 4 months. Just 400 pages of the last one to go and I’ll be begging the author to get a move on with the series like all the other fans. How many years has it been between books? Six I think?

I’ve got some plans for Subguide and Domguide for this year, and still more for myself. Maybe this will be the year I make a part time wage from the site. I’m closer than I was last year at this time.

I’m also spending a lot of time playing Minecraft. It’s an addiction that I’m happy to say is a fun one. It allows me to be creative and relax. Something that a lot of adults tend to forget these days.

Well, that’s it for now. Just wanted to keep all my loyal readers in the loop. I’ll be back soon. I promise.


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Kicking It

While it’s only day 6 in the New Year I feel energized about my choices. I’m in an accountability group that I can feel good in and I’m making small changes so that they will add up over time and not overwhelm me. I think what has killed me before is making huge sweeping food changes when what I really need to do are smaller steps to that goal.

Exercise is also in smaller bites so that I don’t dread the clock. 15 mins seems to be my magic number. If I make all of my workouts 15 mins and just do multiple a day if I can that would be wonderful.

This month’s goals are:

  • 100oz of water per day
  • at least 1 veggie at every meal
  • 90 mins of exercise each week

My long term goal is that magic size 28 that I posted in December. Still hoping for Valentine’s Day. I have 6 inches to lose in my waist and hips to fit into the store’s size chart for that size. We’ll have to see what the next 6 weeks bring. I have confidence I can make a good dent in it and just might squeeze into a 28 by then.

Feeling good and getting healthy is the goal, weight loss is the side effect!


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Christmas and Things

I swear that I’ve not forgotten you dear blog. I think about writing here almost every day, I have things to talk about and always stuff has gone on to share. But other than my wrists being so bad that I’ve not been able to do anything on the computer for any point of time.

But here’s the Christmas update. Bought all of the presents for everyone in my family for $60. I was very happy with the responses I got from my gifts. Everyone loved them :)

Went to Mom’s for Christmas and had a good visit. The kids are getting bigger and more fun to hang around. Mom was less spastic and crazy.

This week Master and I have had a weird bug. We’ve been achy and dizzy and headachy with a bit of congestion. Not flu or a cold but it’s hard to peg down. So, we’ve been laying low.

I’m doing my usual resolutions and we’ll see how far we get on those. More salads, more water, more exercise.


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Pain in my Wrists

I have some terrible pain in my wrists lately. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is really kicking me in the pants recently. Some days I’ve actually wished that my wrists would just go away, that my hands would just fall off. The pain is so bad and I look grumpy, holding them close to my chest and just not doing anything. Even the braces and Alieve aren’t cutting it really.

I know that after the winter I’ll be back to normal again. Winter just sucks for this sort of pain. I know it and just live with it. And yes I’ve considered surgery but the success rate isn’t that great. My dad has had 3 surgeries for Carpal Tunnel over the years. I’m just not to that point of desperation yet.

I think it could be different if I had a full time outside the home job that I needed to use my hands. But I don’t. I can take a day or an hour to rest and ice my wrists and then get back to it when they aren’t as bad.

Good news is my writer’s block is fading. Bad news is that no matter how much writing I want to do, my wrists are only allowing about an hour or so a day at most.

Today is Master’s birthday. Normally he gets a ton of blow jobs, but with my wrists out of commission he’s postponed celebrating until I’m better. I did make him a cake and got him a gift which he just loved (a weight bench). He’s such a wonderful man and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate his birthday whenever he wants it.

Christmas is also coming, and we have no presents for anyone. Still waiting for his paycheck to get any sort of gifts for anyone and so I’m going to be one of those last minute shoppers.  And it’s going to be budget shopping too, that’s for sure.

We are going to my mom’s on the 27th for family Christmas. The nieces and nephews will be there expecting something and mom just wants her cream cheese mints. I have no clue what the kids are getting. Any budget ideas for a 4 yr old girl, 10 yr old girl and boy and a 16 yr old boy?


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