Getting Older

Master and I went and picked up my birthday ring from the jeweler today. It’s lovely and I can see myself wearing it all the time, which was my hope with the choice I made. It’s a flat ring without a raised gem in the middle which tends to spin around and get caught on things. If you want to see a picture I have a small one on a previous post.

My birthday is Friday, I’ll be old. Not too old but old enough. I’ve planned a pizza and ice cream party. I bought a GF cake from a local bakery to have since I refuse to bake my own cake for my birthday. I’m hoping to have a relaxing day watching my new ring sparkle in the light and just spoiling myself with a spa day. I’ve got nails to polish, brows to pluck and new makeup to play with.

Master just let me buy Pentatonix’s new Christmas album! I’m going to have to listen to it discreetly until December. He has a rule that no Christmas music can be played in his presence until then. I’m excited! I love them.  I’m such a fangirl.

I’ve never done well with getting older and the closer I get to 40 it’s not an easy progression. I have a hesitation of not reaching my goals in life or that something health wise will make my life harder. Sometimes I think about getting old and not having anyone to take care of us. Not that I want children at all.

On to other things, my older cat, Maximus had some dental surgery on Tuesday. I was a worried mommy that’s for sure since he’s never been under anesthesia.  He had 2 teeth removed. The Dr said he had to have been in pain for months with the condition the teeth were. :(

He also had some more tests done and he’s been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. Poor guy has to have special food, potassium supplements and I have to watch out for him getting worse. He has to be checked every 6 months now to be proactive in his treatment. I might have to do subcutaneous fluids at some point as his disease progresses. I hate that’s the way he’s destined to die. His kidneys will just fail. I can only hope that he has years of life left in him before that happens. He’s my baby and I’ll do whatever I can to keep him happy.

I mean I guess a chronic condition is different than Zeus’ (RIP) acute liver failure. I had mere days. He collapsed and that was it. With Max I can care for him longer and watch for him to tell me he’s ready to go.

It’s hard and I hate ending on a sad note, but I’m gonna go for today.

More later,


Back to Back

From better to worse when I got better from the flu I was okay for a couple days then a cold settled in. I don’t think they were related illnesses, but Master caught my cold so we were both laid up for a few days.

Now, though, we are much better and getting back to our regular routine. I’m hoping that we’ll get to do that play very soon.  Sex has been lacking as well so I know that very soon we’ll be getting sexy again.

It’s just the way some weeks go.

Maximus went to the vet today. I’ve been concerned with some recent excessive grooming and vomiting. Turns out he’s stressed out and we’ll have to do a pheromone diffuser. Also, the vet found 2 broken teeth that will need to be extracted soon and his kidney function isn’t doing well from his blood work. He needs a urine test to be sure of what’s going on – so he’ll be going back to the vet within the week for that part and in the next 2 weeks for oral surgery.

With that and the other immediate expenses we have, we’ll be tightening our belt a bit more. I’ve unsubscribed from a few things, going to really watch the food budget and have no extra money drains. Entertainment will have to be free for the next few months. Of course that means Christmas gifts are going to be…. practically nothing.

Which is really funny because we went to the jeweler the other day and purchased my birthday present on the store credit. I got a lovely new ring coming!

Well I’m off to do some knitting,


I’m Sick

This post will probably be a short one. I’m not feeling very well and have been fighting something the past couple days. It’s left me tired and achy with a head full of crap. I woke up this morning with a headache and lightheadedness so I’m sure I’m not done with feeling sick.

Master and I have playtime planned for this weekend, if I feel up to it. I really hope I feel well enough as I asked for some saran wrap mummification. Of course, if I feel like this on Sunday that won’t be happening. I hate that I want something and something uncontrollable gets in the way. I mean I know that’s life, but we’ve wanted to get back into having more regular play time and the one time I ask for something specific I get sick.


Here We Are

I’m dealing with a bit of poor sleeping lately and so while I’m not my best things are slacking. It is irritating too because I want to keep the house up and the writing going now that I think I’ve found my groove again. I’ve given Nanowrimo a lot of thought and I think I’m going to try to do it. October will require a lot of planning to get it done right though so we’ll have to really see if I do it for a 4th year.

Grocery shopping was only $10 over budget this week, but Master swiftly reminded me that I was still over budget because of last week. This is going to be so hard but I know that if I learn what I can prepare for meals and still fall under budget I will do it. Master is aware that I’m going to change a bit of the foods we eat and is okay with it so that I can get within budget. I know we aren’t going to like it.

I’m feeling very loved by Master lately and he’s been using me like a 2 dollar whore. Which is my favorite price of course. It’s been good to feel desired and it feels good to know that I’m firmly in my place in his life.

Yes I had been questioning it lately, only because I’ve not felt focused on my own submission in order to serve him. I’m doing much better at finding focus in my mind and keeping him at the forefront. I only hope that I can keep that going for a long while. Slipping is normal and a part of the process so I don’t doubt that I will have to regain my focus again later, but right now I’m doing my part to make his life fulfilled.

In just over a week a new milestone for our relationship will happen. Master and I met for the first time 10 years ago and I think we are still in full lust mode even now. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that the love I have for him is almost 10 years old and it’s not fading any time soon.

Love you Master!

Master and I had a bit of a talk about the business recently. He has a lot of plans and wants to start with them soon. Which means a bit more work from me so I have some research to do and learning to get on the same page as what Master is thinking will help move us into the future.

So many plans and dreams.


The Farm Report

Well I never intended there to be a lapse in blogging this large after I pledged to pick it back up again. But there it is.

I’d say that things are going well but with how down I’m feeling lately that’s hard to believe when you look at me. I’m feeling a lot of stress and I’m not managing it well. Master knows what the stress comes from and he’s feeling it too so that makes it a bit worse. When I’m stressed I don’t eat well. And that is affecting my endeavors to eat low carb.

A few changes will have to take place. I’m going to be more aware of my food choices when making my meal plan. If I don’t put low carb choices on my list that’s a problem. The second thing I’m going to do is make or print off a list of all the low carb snacks I can have so that when I’m hungry I don’t just opt for the bad choices.

I’m going to be more focused on exercise. And I think I’m going to have to ask Master for help with that (and boy do I hate that idea). He’s been doing such a fantastic job with his own fitness program that I’m envious of his results. I just don’t feel the same drive as he does.

And with that, I’m going to call it and update.